Party for the Launch of Friday Oct. 29 at La Cultura

HARRISBURG, PA, October 27, 2021 – Today JIG Media, owners of one of the largest digital media networks in NYC, has announced that they will be launching, as a digital media platform focused on featuring the many positive aspects of Harrisburg, PA.

“We are excited to add to our digital media network”, stated Vernon Jones Sr., the CEO of JIG Media.  “Our plan s to focus on the positive stories within all neighborhoods that make up Harrisburg. We are especially looking to focus on areas like Allison Hill and Camp Curtin, which are areas that remind us of Brownsville and East New York, two neighborhoods in Brooklyn that have had their challenges in the past. We understand that focusing on the positive makes an incredible impact on the residents and the neighborhood in general. There are positive stories in every neighborhood and that’s where we put our energy.” will also include content from other areas in and around Harrisburg, like Olde Uptown, Midtown, City Island and Uptown, but the website’s mission is to find those positive grassroots stories that might have been missed in the past. The digital media platform will include information on health, development, entertainment, community events, politics, small business, housing and local sports features.

Jones added, “we are happy to have as our launch partners, The Rock Church, La Cultura and FLTBYS (Flight Boys). Partnerships have been the key to our success throughout the years and we plan on working with many partners as we move forward.”

The launch party for will take place Friday October 29, 2021 from 6pm-8pm, at La Cultura, located at 214 Verbeke St.

To become a Launch Partner contact Vernon Jones at


About JIG Media

JIG is a Brooklyn, NY-based digital media marketing agency, specializing in Cause Marketing. We own the largest digital media network in New York City, which we use to galvanize communities through positive messaging, targeted grassroots events and resource-driven information.

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