‘Flight Night’ Global Hip-Hop Festival Coming To Harrisburg PA with Kota the Friend Headlining and Indie Artists from PA Opening

Today it was announced that ®fltbys Music and Entertainment (Flight Boys) will begin its Global Flight Night Hip-Hop Festival Series in Harrisburg PA, on November 12, 2021, at HMAC with Kota the Friend headlining.

“I’m hyped to kickoff the Flight Night Festival in Harrisburg. HMAC is a great venue and Midtown Harrisburg is one of my favorite lowkey places to hang out. It’s like this secretly cool spot.”

Launching Flight Night in Harrisburg PA makes sense because Kota purchased a building in a prime location in Midtown Harrisburg in 2019. The building is named the ®fltbys (Flight Boys) building. The ground floor houses the ®fltbys store, which will sell apparel, skateboards, vinyl albums and artwork by local artists from Pennsylvania. The store was originally slated to open just before the pandemic hit, but it will now open in November.

Pennsylvania artists who will be opening the show for KOTA the Friend are Brianna Castro, Drew Tyrell (Harrisburg), J Radiant (Phillie), Derrick Juwan, 10DAYS and Neptune the Poet.

In 2022 the Flight Night Festival will be in New York City, Chicago, LA, Colorado and the Bay area, nationally, and internationally, in Europe.

Tickets are available at FlightNight.com

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