Community Development Opportunity: Harrisburg PA Repository Tax Lien Sale Final Call for Bids

Harrisburg, PA – Attention property investors in Dauphin County: the final chance to participate in the Harrisburg Repository Tax Lien Sale is approaching swiftly. Interested parties must submit their bids by May 10, 2024, with no extensions or exceptions permitted.

Link to Property List:

Key Details:

  • Bid Deadline: Friday, May 10, 2024. After this date, no further bids will be accepted.
  • Bidding Hours: Bids will be accepted from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

Important Changes:

Starting April 1, 2024, the minimum bid price for all parcels in the Repository sale has been raised to $2,000. This increase aims to reflect the value and potential of the available properties.

Bidding Process:

All bids must be submitted in writing during the specified hours at the Dauphin County Tax Claim Bureau, accompanied by the necessary forms and payment. These forms are available under the “Necessary Forms” section on the official website or directly at the bureau. Each bid will be subject to approval by the Dauphin County Commissioners, followed by the relevant School District and Municipality.

Purchaser Responsibilities:

  • No Sale Cancellation: Once a sale is finalized, it cannot be canceled, and payments will not be refunded.
  • Property Research: It is crucial for bidders to thoroughly research each property before placing a bid. Ensuring you know exactly what you are purchasing is essential for a successful transaction.

Property Status:

Properties that remain unsold after a judicial sale are placed into the Repository. The complete list of these properties is maintained both in the office of the Dauphin County Tax Claim Bureau and online, subject to availability.

Legal and Public Information:

All property sales are conducted under the “Real Estate Tax Sale Law” (Act of 1947, P.L. §1368, as amended). The titles transferred are under the provisions of this law, ensuring the properties are divested of all prior claims.

The Dauphin County Office of Tax Assessment warns that while efforts are made to ensure accuracy, they do not bear responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions in their online or physical records. Users of the Tax Assessment/Tax Claim website acknowledge this disclaimer.

Final Remarks:

Those interested in the Repository properties should contact the Harrisburg City Municipal offices to verify specific requirements for bidders. This sale represents a unique opportunity for investors to acquire properties at potentially below-market values.

For more information, guidelines, and to view the necessary forms for placing a bid, please visit the Dauphin County Tax Claim Bureau’s website or their offices at 2 South Second Street, Harrisburg, PA.

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