Equity Platforms CEO Vernon J. to Present at Coinbase Web3IRL in Harrisburg

On November 13th, 2023, Vernon J., the CEO of Equity Platforms, Inc., is set to present at the Coinbase Web3IRL event in Harrisburg, an initiative showcasing the tangible impacts of Web3 technology in our daily lives. As the head of a Public Benefit Corporation, Vernon J. has been instrumental in harnessing the synergies between real estate assets and blockchain technology to foster community wealth.

Equity Platforms, Inc. stands out for its commitment to democratizing real estate investment and ownership, especially for groups that have faced historical barriers to entry. The company has a presence in Harrisburg, PA, where it has effectively leveraged property ownership as a means for collective investment and community development.

The disruptive project of Equity Platforms is EquityCoin, the first digital token backed by affordable housing. This venture demonstrates the potential of blockchain to underpin socially responsible investing. The company’s proprietary smart contract and infrastructure have been white-labeled through EquityShare, enabling other developers to tokenize and crowdsource for real estate projects, providing a scalable model for community-based asset management.

EquityShare is not merely a platform; it’s a bridge connecting diverse real estate developers with the means to raise capital. The platform’s unique approach combining crowdfunding licensure, astute real estate underwriting, and a comprehensive asset tokenization framework distinguishes it in the marketplace.

Coinbase’s Web3IRL event serves as a prime educational platform and a live demonstration arena, aligning closely with the goals of policymakers and offering them a tactile experience with Web3 applications. The event’s success in previous iterations has established it as a high-impact learning opportunity, presenting tailored use-cases, and fostering productive discussions among policymakers.

The objective is clear: to humanize blockchain and shift the discourse in a direction that is both constructive and forward-looking. The vision, as echoed by Senator Lummis from Wyoming, is to kindle a financial innovation caucus dedicated to educating U.S. Senate members on the benefits of digital assets like Bitcoin and their potential to complement traditional financial systems.

As Vernon J. prepares to take the stage, the anticipation builds for a presentation that will not only enlighten but also potentially influence the trajectory of real estate investment and blockchain utility. The Coinbase Web3IRL in Harrisburg is set to be a pivotal moment for both Equity Platforms, Inc., and the wider adoption in tangible, impactful ways.

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